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independent thinking welcome.

we're building a community of self-employed, independent and freelance strategists,
supporting each other to do great work.
Now accepting founding members.


A space where those working independently in strategy can connect, ask each other questions, support each other, and be part of a braintrust and community.


Support and develop new talent, and build your own skills by learning from others.

Strategy needs to be more diverse and junior talent rarely gets the right support.


Find others to work and collaborate with, or pass work forward to if you’re not able or interested. Buddy up or add skills you don’t have for a project.

Not self-employed? Interested in accessing the community we're building?

if you're a business who wants to tap into the collective braintrust we're creating, email workwith@the.independency.co

Not working in strategy?

Consider joining our sister community Leapers - an award winning project supporting freelancers and the self-employed.