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A space where those working independently in strategy can connect

Ask each other questions, get feedback, support each other, be part of a braintrust.


Find work, collaborators, or pass work forward to if you’re not able or interested.

Buddy up or add skills you don’t have for a project.


Support and develop new talent, get feedback and insight, and develop your own skills by learning from others.

Strategy needs to be more diverse and junior talent rarely gets the right support.

400 heads are better than one

Being self-employed is fantastic, but many independent strategists miss the opportunity to bounce ideas of each other, to learn from others, to overhear what others are reading, doing, thinking, consuming, and have a team around them.

That's why we built Outside Perspective - to create a space for independent strategists to connect with fellow freelancers, discuss their projects, ask for input, advice and feedback, collaborate, find skills outside of their toolbox, and build connections.

There's already 400+ of us in here, from ex-agency CSOs, ex-brand CMOs, product, commercial, design, communications, brand, experience, retail, insight and more diverse backgrounds - so you're in good company. We've worked with brands from adidas to zoopla, abercrombie to zopa, and all started our own businesses too.

a coffee shop for strategists

We chat about strategy, running a consulting business, dealing with clients, projects we're working on, things we've read and seen, and generally - it's a bit like being in a cafe full of brilliant fellow strategists you can chat too.

in time, we'll be working on ways of working together - as a collective, running huddles, developing work together, mentoring emerging talent, the possiblities are endless. but for now, it's great to have a place to connect.

It's completely free, but we do review every individual who joins to validate they're an active self-employed strategist - so not everyone will be able to join as we slowly build our membership.

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