Referring Fellow Freelancers

As a curated community, we have a long waiting list (2000+ currently) of people who have applied to join. However, if you want to personally recommend someone to the community - they can skip the waitlist - if you know the individual and vouch for their membership.

How to invite/refer a member

  1. Send your colleague to
  2. Ask them to complete the form
  3. Let Matthew know their email address via DM in the slack
  4. Once they’ve applied, they’ll be fast-tracked, their profile reviewed, and invited to join the community

What’s the membership criteria?

Members should be actively self-employed/freelancing/contracting as a strategy professional (i.e. being paid to deliver strategy work for clients/customers/agencies, etc.), with demonstrable strategy experience on their profile (i.e. LinkedIn or similar).

Any questions?

DM @mk in the slack, or email