Gigs / July 4, 2024

Open Call: Cultural Strategist at CultureLab

#Cultural Strategy,Research and Insight

CultureLab is seeking individuals dedicated to understanding culture and uncovering stories for brands.

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Further Detail:

Some are called analysts, some are called researchers, some are insights specialists, or even cultural strategists… The title doesn’t matter, but the obsession with culture does. CultureLab is going through a period of significant growth, and I want to add to our already world-class bench of talent. I want to hear from people who have dedicated their careers to understanding culture, finding the edges and the interesting, and uncovering stories that teach brands how the world really works (because you’ll already know it isn’t about the sum of your salary and age). I’m actively looking for people from marginalised (or historically marginalised) backgrounds. If this is you and you’re reading this, then please, please, PLEASE message me! If this sounds like you, message me. If this sounds like someone you know, please send them this post, or tag them. Three final things; 1) no recruiters please, 2) for now we’re looking for people based in the UK (but no stipulations on where in the UK), and 3) the roles are FT, PT, and freelance (we are built to flex for the right people).

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