Gigs / May 31, 2024

Interim/FTC Marketing Lead at Tony's Chocolonely

#Marketing Strategy

Interim/FTC cover needed for UKI marketing lead role at Tony’s Chocolonely for 7 months

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Further Detail:

I’m recruiting my replacement..

For 7 months anyway ;) After 5.5 years heading up UKI marketing at Tony’s I’ve been given the exciting opportunity to lead our global brand communications team while the wonderful Julie Veryser goes on maternity leave.

I’m looking for interim/ FTC cover of my role for 7 months. You’ll lead a brilliant team of 4 in marketing and 1 in customer service, lead PR and NPD launches and ensure the earned, owned and paid media plans stay on track to achieve our ambitious business goals. I absolutely love my job so I know it’s an incredible opportunity for someone.

Referrals welcome, no agencies please.

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