Gigs / May 21, 2024

Open Call: Freelance Sales Strategist/Consultant

#Commercial Strategy,Media Planning

Looking for an experienced freelance sales strategist/consultant with expertise in budget allocation, telemarketing strategy, paid media strategy, and SaaS sales.

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Further Detail:

Do I know any freelance sales strategists/consultants?

Particularly, I’m looking for someone with extensive experience in these areas;

  • Budget Allocation & Sales Strategy
  • Telemarketing strategy (including pitch curation)
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • SaaS sales

Please comment anyone you know who might be able to help in areas above. Specifically strategy, not creative designers please (we can do that in-house)

P.S: Please no SEO specialists, appreciate your work but we have an in-house SEO person working on our new site and content.

P.P.S: If you’re a freelance business developer, lead generation or telemarketing guru and open to giving rates per lead, I also want to hear from you.

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