Gigs / April 13, 2024

Freelance Brand Strategist (Healthcare)

#Brand Strategy

List of live freelance roles: Publications Manager, Medical Strategy Consultant, Medical Education Writer, Account Director, Brand Strategist.

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Further Detail:

Afternoon LinkedIn!

Before we step into the weekend, I just wanted to share a list of the live roles me and the team are currently working on.

  • Freelance Publications Manager - 20 hours p/w
  • Freelance Medical Strategy and Publications Consultant -20 hours p/w
  • Freelance Medical Education Writer - 32 hours p/w
  • Freelance Account Director - 40 hours p/w
  • Freelance Brand Strategist (Healthcare) - 32 hours p/w

If you have any current availability and would like to discuss one of the above roles in more detail please reach out to me or Imogen Harriott

Have a lovely weekend all! :) 🌞

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