Gigs / March 22, 2024

Freelance Creative Strategist - b2b tech

#Creative Strategy

Freelance Creative Strategist needed for a one-month remote project with a focus on B2B tech messaging and creative concepts.

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Further Detail:

🚨Freelance Creative Strategist Alert!🚨

If you are a freelance creative strategist available in about two weeks for a month remotely (but from the US) and has the following category experience, please DM me!!!

You will be pitching for a creative development sprint working directly with the CD and the Tech client. You would hone in on creative concepts and B2B specific messaging.

You ideally have a solid background in the B2B tech space. This role is crucial for enhancing the brand and messaging, particularly aimed at audiences in the tech community.

Key Requirements: Strong grasp of tech industry dynamics and trends IE AI. Proven ability in developing messaging strategies and crafting compelling narratives. Experience in keynote events is a plus Excellent writing skills with the ability to simplify complex tech subjects. Collaborative spirit, ready to work with cross-functional teams.

Available? If so, see you in my DMs! #creativestrategist #b2b #tech #freelancestrategyjob #freelancestrategygig

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