Killer questions to ask (and be asked by) as strategist

Working with a freelance strategist means asking and being asked lots of questions.

  1. Don’t overwrite the brief - you’ll do better by explaining your situation and goals, rather than being prescriptive on outputs and outcomes. The best strategists will collaborate with you to better define the problem and potential ways forward.

  2. Be transparent on budgets - if you’ve only got £50 to spend, that’s fine. Just be clear on what you’re open to investing, this helps to define the potential scope upfront, and how to use that investment in the best way.

  3. Partnership not deliverable - the best strategy work will be a collaboration between you and your strategist, not just getting someone to do the work in isolation and come back to you. Make sure you’re committing business time to working with your strategist.

If you’re looking for strategists who can help your business, drop us a message, and we can support you working with freelance strategists for the first time.